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Welcome to CertifiedSaver

Certified Saver

Welcome to CertifiedSaver.com! Our goal is to provide individuals with the information necessary to conserve energy and gas in the home. By conserving energy and gas, you will save money and you will save the planet.

What is CertifiedSaver?

CertifiedSaver is an individual sustainability certification. It recognizes individuals who demonstrate their commitment to energy and gas conservation. In addition, if one member of a household is a CertifiedSaver, the other members of the household are CertifiedSavers as well.

What does it mean to be a CertifiedSaver?

Being a CertifiedSaver is a novel opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to energy and gas conservation as well as show off your knowledge about gas and energy issues. By maintaining your CertifiedSaver status over time, you can include it on your resume, website, or favorite social media site. With sustainability quickly moving to the forefront of issues facing both businesses and governments, becoming a CertifiedSaver is the perfect way to contribute to making the American economy sustainable for generations to come.

How do I become a CertifiedSaver?

It is easy to become a CertifiedSaver. There are three steps:

  1. Create a member profile on this site.
  2. Submit your energy and gas bills monthly on your online profile or by email.
  3. Take action to reduce energy and gas use in your home and start saving money!

That’s it! Your energy and gas bills will be compared to other CertifiedSavers in your area and regional averages for that month, and depending on where your bills fall, you will become a Titanium, Platinum, Gold, Silver, or Bronze CertifiedSaver. The best part is, you have the opportunity every month to increase your level of certification.

Who is behind the CertifiedSaver program?

The CertifiedSaver Program is a project of the Sustainability Information Lab at Davidson College. Rebecca Johnson, a senior environmental studies major at Davidson, has designed the project as part of her senior capstone project. Rebecca served as a Sustainability Scholar in the City of Charlotte’s Energy and Sustainability Office during the summer of 2014, and her work with the city inspired her interest in developing the CertifiedSaver program.

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